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Welcome to Decentria!

Decentria Organization
Structure and philosophy

Decentria's team is based in Timisoara city (west of Romania), not so far from Sibiu, Elrond's home.

Our team is professional, with different skills and backgrounds but, most important, hard-working and passionate about our mission.

See our full Team here.

Decentria's organization will have many entities.

At the core will be Decentria Foundation, a non-profit foundation that will be involved in Governance and D-Corps Management.

The second one will be Decentria Labs, a tech company that will develop the necessary software, NFTs, smart contract codes, and updates.

As we evolve, more Foundations may be necessary for different countries due to regulatory limitations and optimization of operations. Later on, all Foundation will be organized into a Federation.

More tangential NPOs/NGOs will be created for different use cases in the Decentria ecosystem like education, governance, social causes, etc.

Our fast-growing team will implement the "decentralism" philosophy into the real world and is thriving to achieve our objectives (see the Roadmap) as fast as possible. Decentralism is a word for post-capitalism, an update to the current best but "old" system. Read more about it here, where we present shortly the ideas from "Decentralism, The Whitepaper of a New Economic and Social System", a book written by Decentria's founder, Andrei Simon.

Since our vision and values are well aligned, we will build Decentria on the MultiversX/Elrond Network. DeCentria's Money will be an ESDT token called DCM.

Our ideas can be implemented fast but we use a long-term thinking approach. We are prepared for decades of work towards our goals.

Join our cause and become an active decentrian. There are many ways in which you can help, earn and most importantly, be part of a revolution. Come to our Forum and take part in constructive debates on many topics such as minimum wages, taxation, automatization, monetary policies, health care, and UBI systems.

Decentria Foundation (DF) will receive 80% from DFC NFT collection sales. The funds should be enough till the network expands to a point that it's self-sustainable. Very small % of D-Corps' profit will go to DF for Governance or other services.

Decentria Labs (DL), will retain 10% of NFT sales and the funds will be used to develop and maintain the necessary software, launchpad, mining bonds, staking, and other features. For long-term sustainability, DL relays on developer fees on Elrond Network which grants the creator of any dApp 30% of the network fees (70% goes to MultiversX/Elrond Validators/Miners).

But after the first 20 years DL will start to reallocate yearly 1% (from that 30%) to the UBI system so that, 50 years from now, no founder will have any benefits from the system. When we say "decentralism" we really mean it!

Decentria founders will keep the remaining 10% from the NFTs sales. In this way, we want to commit ourselves to the project for the next years, be flexible in expansion, and not expose ourselves to the capital shortage.  We want to avoid selling shares to VCs, but keep our vision straight and follow our mission without external interference.

Our team is committed to this vision and we won't give up. However, if for any reason (total market crash, WW3, etc.) we fail to sell more than 4,000 DFC NFTs by the end of  December 2022, we will buy back (if there are sellers) the NFTs at 80%  of the mint price (in USDC), minus the developing expenses and other costs. This is very unlikely to happen, but seeing so many strange things in the space we want to be transparent and talk about all possible scenarios, even the worst ones. The refund window will be opened for just one full month (January 2023).

After that, the project will move forward anyway, but at a different speed and the roadmap will be adjusted. This project needs certain traction to succeed and we don't want to minimize its chances. We'll do whatever it takes for the long-term benefit of Decentria as a project and for its citizens.

We promise that our team will always be public, and transparent and we'll discuss openly any issue encountered.

Thanks for reading. We hope you will become a true decentrian.