Decentralized Corporations

D-Corps will be of all kinds, but we'll start with food shops (grocery, supermarkets), restaurants, and pubs. Then we'll form needed tangential businesses like accounting, marketing, legal, etc.

Soon after, we'll add production entities like small farms and factories for most needed products.

Later on, more complex D-Corps we'll be formed for heavy industry, construction, etc.

D-Corps will use the steward-ownership model. Each company is an independent entity formed by at least one non-profit Foundation and an Association of employees.  The legal form can vary from country to country but similar models are used successfully in many big companies like Bosch and Zeiss (a company that prospers for more than 130 years). You can check this Ted Talk on this subject: Transforming Ownership to Create a Better Economy.

Decentria Foundation (Non-Profit) will have 1 veto share in each D-Corp to prevent other parts from selling shares and to oversee their efficiency. Governance will be provided also by Decentria Foundation or other partner Organizations/Institutions.

Each D-Corp will have a paid manager/CEO that can be changed by the Foundation or by employees in certain conditions. Managers will have to follow Decentria's "constitution" and try to improve efficiency while keeping customers and employees happy. Also, the impact on local communities and the environment is taken into account, not just the financial aspects.

D-Corps are being born into D-Corps Launchpad, the DCL Program.

Decentria's community provides the capital for each one of them in return for fresh DMBs - Decentria Mining Bonds. Owners of these DMBs will receive monthly newly minted DCM tokens for a determined period of time, usually for one year.

Read more about DC-Launchpad.

The profit of each D-Corp is shared between eligible customers (NFTs owners or DCM stakers), employees, and associated Non-Profit institutions (Governance, Education, Unions, UBI system).

Rewards to customers (paybacks up to 70% of the profit) are the main engine of the system. Clients are incentivized to use Decentria's D-Corps and are highly rewarded.

Employees are stimulated with up to 20% of D-Corp's profit and the governance ensures workers have fair pay, using a free job market system and transparency.

Up to 10% of the profit is going to DCM burning (a deflationary mechanism) and to Decentria Foundation for Governance and other services.

These parameters will be adjusted as we gain more feedback and data from the first D-Corps.

No, far from that. D-Corps, as Decentralized Corporations, are businesses highly modernized that are aiming for ultra-efficiency and scalability. The Associations of employees, even those who benefit a lot from the system, are not in self-control and self-managed. Decentria's institutions will help with governance and management to ensure efficiency and market competitiveness.

In Decentralism job layoffs won't be seen as a bad thing, even by the people affected directly. Every lost job would mean more efficiency and profit to a D-Corp so more funds are returning to the customers, community, UBI system, educational programs, etc.

So the goal of Decentralism is to free people from inefficient and unpleasant jobs and create new opportunities. This cannot be done by increasing minim wages or more taxation.

We need a new way to organize businesses, the economy, and society as a whole.

Hotel Decentria is the first D-Corp in the world opened on 01.01.2023

Community members can enjoy considerable discounts (30-50%) on room rates.

Now we are working on the opening of the Restaurant area and the fruition of the space by organizing small events.

Read more on the Website of D-Corp Hotel Decentria.