Decentralized Corporations Launchpad
D-Corps Launchpad - DCL Program

DMBs are NFTs issued at forming of each D-Corp in the DCL Program. They are a mix between bonds, mining, lending, and investing. They are close to Corporate Bonds but backed by Decentria's whole economy.

Those who are eligible for buying DMBs (winning tickets through $DCM Staking or Staking DFC NFTs) are rewarded with newly minted $DCM. See below the section of D-Corps Launch Pools to understand the buying/ticketing system.

DMB Yields

Like treasury bonds, DMBs will have different periods of maturity, depending on D-Corp's type and size. But first years, most D-Corps will have a 1 year maturity period. Later, 3y, 5y, and even 10y will be introduced.

Yields %s will depend again on D-Corp type and on reference currency (RC).  To protect investors from market volatility, we offer 4 Tiers of Yield based on selected reference currency (RC).   RC options will be:

$DCM (40%), $EGLD (30%), Euro & USD (20%),  Gold/BTC (15%).

Issued DMBs are being bought/minted with $DCM and you can choose the reference-based currency for yields (cannot be changed after). For example, you mint 100$ worth of DMB (paid with $DCM) and choose USD as the base currency. You will receive for one year (maturity period), monthly, 10$ worth of $DCM, for that moment in time. So , in total 12 months x 10$ = 120$, initial cost plus 20% yield. Using this model, the volatility of $DCM tokens would not influence yields.

Let's look at some examples:


If you choose higher yields you expose to higher market volatility. As the network becomes more stable, yields will slowly decrease. A self-balancing mechanism will be implemented later on for Yields/Tiers.


The yields are transferred by smart contracts in the addresses of the owners of NFTs. A snapshot is done on the 15th of each month and rewards are paid randomly from 20 to 28 of the month to distribute the tokens gradually. Being transferable on the open market, users should evaluate correctly the dates of snapshot, maturity, and rewards when purchasing DMB NFTs. Ideally, the trades should be made between the 1st and 14th of each month to be sure you catch both the snapshot and reward dates with the DMB in your wallet. Otherwise, you risk buying it after the snapshot and the reward will be received by the previous owner.

Also, DMB NFTs can be "empty" or partially "empty" so the buyers must check carefully how many payments each DMB has left. The face (par) value of the bond is not paid at the end of the maturity period, like in traditional treasury bonds, but every month an equal percentage till the bond "expires" and has no market value anymore.

For each new D-Corp vetted by the Governance, a new Pool is created on the Launchpad dApp. Users can subscribe to individual ones or auto-subscribe to all Pools.

For example, a new D-Corp, the restaurant Tasty, is being opened in Decentria and it needs $300,000. The algorithm will create 3,000 DMBs (Decentria Mining Bonds) of $100 each. Tickets will be distributed to subscribed members based on Staking levels. After a random lottery, DMBs are allocated to winning tickets and users have one day to redeem them (buy them with $DCM Tokens).

Unredeemed ones will be turned into negative tickets and the wallet unsubscribed from auto-pooling to avoid the same thing happening again for inactive wallets. Users can rejoin the pools at any time with a negative ticket balance.  Remained tickets are redistributed till the pool of DMBs is fully redeemed.

Once that D-Corp is activated, the yield starts rolling and owners of DMBs will receive rewards from newly mined $DCM tokens (as explained in the above DMB section). When the DMB is "empty" of rewards (usually one year), it can be sent to a dead address and it will count as +1 in the tracking system for badges of honor and future benefits into the ecosystem.

Decentria Launchpad (DCL) is the only way in which $DCM is being minted. When Decentria Network expands (with new D-Corps added) the monetary mass also expands (new $DCM is being mined by DMBs owners).

DCL is a good way to build a better economic model, while also gaining some Yields and hedging your market exposure.

Using smart Reference Currency (RC) for DMBs, we offer a few good options in different market conditions for investors. When the economy and markets are struggling we can still expand by choosing safer RCs and in better times we can benefit from higher yields.

With this system we ensure that the real economy has better "bad moments" and we provide a safe and real option where those with capital can still invest/hedge in "cash is king" times. And all of these while helping to decentralize the economy and improve the lives of millions of people. That's what we call a win-win scenario.