$DCM Token
Decentria's Money

The initial supply of 15,200,000 $DCM tokens is distributed as follows:

  • 50% - Airdrop for DFC NFTs owners - 7.600.000 $DCM
  • 12,5% - Marketing & partnerships - 1.900.000 $DCM
  • 12,5% - Public sale - 1.900.000 $DCM
  • 12,5% - Rewards for NFTs Staking Pools - 1.900.000 $DCM
  • 12,5% - Rewards for $DCM Staking Pools - 1.900.000 $DCM
  • 0% - Founders and team - 0 $DCM

The total supply of $DCM is NOT capped, but flexible like the currency of any real country. Read at Tokenomics about inflationary/deflationary mechanisms and how we aim to keep things in check.

From the initial supply, of 15,200,000 $DCM tokens, 50% will be airdropped  to the DFC NFT owners (7,600,000 $DCM) as follows:

  • Genesis – minimum* 1000 $DCM for Common NFTs

*Each NFT has an Airdrop base score and a Rarity multiplier.

So, for example, a Legendary NFT will have 5 x 1000 = 5,000 $DCM airdrop. Celestials NFTs will have the biggest airdrops: 10 x 1,000 = 10,000 $DCM (at $0.1 listing price this would be $1,000).

The minimum airdrop is 1,000 $DCM (Common) and the maximum is 10,000 $DCM (Celestial). More details on the NFTs page.

To receive the airdrop, decentrians will have to Claim the tokens in Decentria App.

The claim will be enabled no later than Q4 2023 when other key pieces from Decentria's structure are online.

We are doing a Public ICO with just 1.900.000 $DCM tokens at the beginning of July 2023.

The price will be 0,075$ per 1 $DCM token.

The $DCM tokens will be stackable in the $DCM Staking Pool at a good APY.

More details soon on our social platforms.

The $DCM Staking Pool will be opened soon!