Decentria Founders Club (DFC) este o colecție de 20.200 de NFT-uri unice împărțite în 5 ediții a câte 4.040 fiecare, după cum urmează:



Rarity Tiers - multiplicator de airdrop

2000 NFTs – Common – 1x

1200 NFTs – Rare – 2x

600 NFTs – Epic – 3x

200 NFTs – Legendary – 5x

40 NFTs – Celestial – 10x

DCM Token Airdrops
Airdropul de baza creste cu fiecare editie

  Genesis – 1000 DCM/NFT

  Ancestors – 1400 DCM/NFT

  Warriors 1700 DCM/NFT

  Builders 2500 DCM/NFT

  Decentrians –  3300 DCM/NFT

Decentria Founders Club
5 Ediții a câte 4040 NFT-uri

DFC – Genesis – 100 USDC

DFC – Ancestors – 150 USDC

DFC – Warriors – 200 USDC

DFC – Builders – 300 USDC

DFC – Decentrians – 400 USDC

Baza airdrop-ului este cantitatea de $DCM primită de posesorii unui Common NFT (multiplicator 1x). $DCM este moneda Decentriei ce va fi distribuita initial doar detinatorilor de DFC NFTs. Ulterior se va putea mina doar in Launchpad.

Orice nivel de raritate (Rarity Tier) va avea multiplicatorul aplicat. De exemplu, un NFT legendar din ediția Warriors va avea 5 x 1.700 = 8.500 DCM airdrop. Celestials NFT din ediția Decentrians vor avea cele mai mari airdrops: 10 x 3.300 = 33.000 DCM (la preț de listare $DCM de 0,1 USD ar fi de 3.300 USD).


Decentria Founders Club NFTs
Benefits and utilities

One of the most important utilities of DFC NFTs is their power in DC-Launchpad.

NFT Owners
DFC Genesis - 1 Ticket

DFC Ancestors - 2 Tickets

DFC Warriors - 3 Tickets

DFC Builders - 5 Tickets

DFC Decentrians -9 Tickets
*Quintet formation - 25 Tickets
*Quintet formation (one from all 5 editions) will give to the holder 20+5 bonus tickets for every D-Corp launch.

**Red Diamond level = Quintet (25) + Diamond Staking (9) = 34 Tickets + 6 Bonus, for a total of 40 Tickets.
More about DC-Launchpad here.

DFC NFTs owners get most of Decentria's initial DCM supply.

  • 64.12% - Airdrop for DFC NFT owners - 75,240,000 DCM
  • 12.82% Marketing & partnerships - 15,048,000 DCM
  • 12.82% DEX's initial Liquidity Pool - 15,048,000 DCM
  • 10.23% Metabonding rewards - 12,000,000 DCM
  • 0% Founders and team - 0 DCM

The Airdrop will take place no later than Q4 of 2022.

DFC NFT Owners will have instant discounts in D-Corps from all over the world.

All 5 Editions will have the same power at discounts. But because each edition has its own price, the difference is made only at initial DCM Airdrop and DC-Launchpad ticketing.

D-Corps are ownerless businesses and most of the profits are being returned to the customers.

So clients of a certain D-Corp that own DFC NFTs or have LP in Farms (Staking) will be eligible for a piece of the pie.

DFC NFT Owners will be invited to closed Discord groups and will be in touch with Decentria's Team.

Later will be implemented more features like proposals, voting, etc., to involve founding members in Decentria's Governance.

DFC owners will have access to private events and meetings created by our team or other partners.

As the system evolves, more benefits will appear for Decentria's Founders Club.

DFC NFTs will have 5% Royalties at reselling on the open market. This amount will be added for Staking-Farm rewards or other types of benefits to the community.

We consider that NFTs have a lot of other great benefits and making royalties as an airdrop to holders is useless and a cheap approach. We also expect small hands-changing from them so it's not that important.

One of the main Decentralism philosophies is to create a fair world, without "lords" and privileged groups of people that benefit from the work of others. For this reason, Decentria's Founders benefits (Decentria's Team included) will start to slowly fade away after 20 years (from 2043)  for 30 years (till 2073), when only some cool honorific badges will persist forever. It will not even matter, whether we succeed or not with this project. If things are going well it will be a different world in 50 years.

Those who use the true power of NFTs smartly will benefit a lot in the next 50 years. NFTs will remain as badges of honor, proof of once contributing to creating a better world and a legacy for the next generations.