Creating liquidity in DCM-EGLD Pool will open the doors to many utilities into Decentria Network, from farming to access in DC-Launchpad or other benefits.

DCM Staking Levels
Tickets for DMB Pools

Bronze 100$ LP - 1 Ticket

Silver 250$ LP - 2 Tickets

Gold 500$ LP  - 3 Tickets

Platinum 1,000$ LP - 5 Tickets

Diamond 2,000$ LP -9 Tickets

DCM-EGLD Liquidity Pool
Staking and farming benefits

Tickets for Decentria Mining Bonds

Earn DCM from Staking in Farms

Access cashbacks in used D-Corps

Discounts at payments in D-Corps

Other benefits

*Quintet formation (one from all 5 DFC NFT editions) will give to the holder 20+5 bonus tickets for every D-Corp launch.

**Red Diamond level = Quintet (25) + Diamond level (9) = 34 Tickets + 6 Bonus, for a total of 40 Tickets.

Learn more about DC-Launchpad and Decentria Mining Bonds (DMBs) here.