This is Decentria’s plan for the next 50 years. We’ll update it yearly as we progress.

2022 Early Q3Decentria - Genesis
A new country is born

✅ getting Decentria’s social presence ready;

✅ brand Identity;

✅ opening the Discord, Telegram and Website;

✅ building a strong and healthy core of fellow decentrians.

2022 Q3-Early Q4Building founders club
Building the foundation

👷 building a larger community; 

✅ creating the $DCM Token;

- launch of  DFC - Genesis, 1st NFT edition from Decentria Founders Club collection;

🔧 setting up the Decentria  DAO;

- preparing the first D-Corps to be activated;

- enabling Wallet connect on Decentria’s  website to manage dashboard infos;

- building a global community and Decentria’s managers/governors;

- preparing the DCM airdrop system and KYC-ed claiming option.

22Q4First D-Corp is born
Decentria is alive

- preparing the Liquidity Pool to enable Swaps ;

- opening doors to the first D-Corp;

- drinking a coffee in the first decentralized restaurant in the world;

- marketing locally the new system to customers;

- implementing and testing payments using $DCM;

- preparing the rewards system for each D-Corp’s customers;

- working on automatization and scaling of D-Corps launchpad.

2022 Late Q4Stake and swap
DCM Airdrop

- Enabling DCM airdrop claim option

- exploring the payment system with $DCM in Decentria’s first D-Corps;

- preparing swaps on $DCM-$EGLD pair;

- getting feedback and improving the flow into the ecosystem;

- finding best solution for e-identity of decentrians;

- focusing on building a strong governance system by testing different DAOs models;

- working on the 2nd DFC NFTs edition - Ancestors.

2023 Q1&Q2Expanding governance
Decentria goes global

- we start to open D-Corps in new countries (where we have stronger communities);

- we create NPOs and start collaborations with existing ones;

- preparing Decentria's UBI system;

- growing the community;

- working on improving governance and decentralization.

2023 Q3&Q4
Activating UBI system

- opening more D-Corps

- creating new D-Institutions for different D-Corp categories; 

- when enough D-Corps are formed we enable the UBI system for our citizens.

Adding more sectors into Decentria

- expanding D-Corps into production (agriculture, manufacturing);

- finding solutions for alternative housing, education and health care systems;

- integrating DeFi into the Decentria ecosystem based on personal reputation;

- expanding structures for research and innovation.

Further expansion

- opening first D-hospital and health centers;

- creating first D-schools and other educational organizations;

- expanding Decentria organizations in most free countries.

Solidifying the network

- targeting to have at least 20% of population as decentrians;

- having a solid UBI system for our members;

- reducing working week days to 4; 

- expanding the network further.

Economic tipping point

- targeting 50%+ of population as free decentrians;

- reducing working week days to 3;

- focusing on research and innovation;

- start to decentralize the heavy industry sector.

Point of no return

- having the majority of population as happy decentrians;

- with a strong UBI system people can choose to work into their loved fields or not.

We are Decentria!

- all the people from free countries are happy decentrians;

- we tackle the last environmental issues on Earth;

- most people will volunteer to work on improving life on this planet.

Decentria is free

- basic needs are not an issue anymore in Decentria;

- there is an abundance of everything and it is accessible to everyone;

- all initial benefits of founders are lost.