Afomachukwu “Nairobi” OnyeokoroCommunity Manager

Areas of expertise
  • Content writer
  • Community manager
  • Crypto enthusiast and educator
  • Leader @ AH blockchain community
  • Ambassador for FTXAfrica
  • Student at University of Calabar

Popularly known as CryptoMaya and also known for my dogged efforts to make a difference in the Cryptocurrency space.
I have collaborated and worked and still work with various companies and projects to achieve their goals.

Over 2 years of experience in the space and falling in love with Defi have made my position in these companies less uncomfortable because I possess the skills they need.

Taking part in Decentria project fulfills my passion for the crypto space  while trying to create a better world for future generations.

Why “Nairobi”? She has a lot of energy, is smart and that makes her the ideal person for leading rolls. Being  young and social Nairobi can quickly gather communities around her.

We are glad to have her on our team and adding someone from Africa (Nigeria) is our first indication that we are thinking global. A first small step in a long journey.

Welcome aboard CryptoMaya or Nairobi!

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