Andrei “The Professor” ȘimonFounder & CVO

Vive la résistance!
Areas of expertise
  • PHP developer, 2006-2009
  • Pro Poker player,  2009-2020
  • Entrepreneur, 2013 – present
  • Joined the crypto space – 2017
  • Crypto full time 2020- present
  • Builder/writer/author – 2021
  • Mathematics and Computer Science High School
  • Politehnica University of Timisoara
  • Self-taught economist
  • Self educated in blockchain tech
  • Systems Thinking student

I’ve start working as a PHP dev since college but soon after I’ve felled in love with Texas Holdem and became a professional online poker player. After years of great results I’ve managed to open a nice Poker Club into my hometown, Timisoara.

All these time, being all day long at a PC, I’ve spent thousands of hours getting educated about my passions. Economy and social structures were my main focus and I’ve went deep into the rabbit hole. I found that many initiatives have been tried but nothing seemed to be good enough, especially for the present and the future world.

Finding about Blockchain was a key moment when I’ve realized that we can finally create a new model, a better operating system for our society.

Life should not be a zero-sum game. In our decentralist world, when you win everybody wins and when you lose everybody loses. We just need to make a system-update for it.

The “side effect” of being a poker player at a high level is that you start seeing everything in EV (expected value) and you are trying to optimize every little aspect of your life, habits, environment and systems that you are interacting with.

So being passionate about economy and society, it was just natural to obsessively start thinking about what can be changed and how can we improve the current system. After years of research, my solution is presented in “Decentralism, the Whitepaper of a New Economic and Social System“, a book that’s the foundation of Decentria project.

Come and join us!

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