Staking DFC NFTs or $DCM tokens will open the doors to many utilities into Decentria, from farming to accessing DC-Launchpad or other benefits.
Any DFC NFT will give to our members a LVL 3 (Gold) membership status. The extra NFTs will increase the level by 1, so a member with 2 NFTs will be Platinum and with 3 NFTs will reach Diamond citizenship Level.

The 5 Levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) will impact the benefits in Launchpad, Boost in Staking Pools and other Discounts/rewards).
The Levels will be recalculated each 3 months based on staking holdings and $DCM price.

See bellow more details.

Decentria Citizenship Levels
Tickets for DMBs Pools

Bronze - 100$ LP - 1 Ticket

Silver - 250$ LP - 2 Tickets

Gold - 500$ LP  - 3 Tickets

Platinum - 1,000$ LP - 5 Tickets

Diamond - 2,000$ LP -9 Tickets

Staking benefits
Staking NFTs and $DCM

Tickets for Decentria Mining Bonds

Earn $DCM from Staking in Farms

Access cashbacks in used D-Corps

Discounts at payments in D-Corps

Other benefits

A combo of minimum one DFC NFT and $DCM staking will boost the tickets for Launchpad by 100%. So, for example, a Staked DFC NFT (3 tickets) and 1000$ LP (5 tickets) will give you (3+5)x2= 16 tickets in DC-Launchpad for DMBs.

Multiple NFTs matter. So for 3 NFTs and 1000$ LP it will be (3+3+3+5)x2=28 tickets.

Learn more about DC-Launchpad and Decentria Mining Bonds (DMBs) here.

Staking Info
DFC NFTs and $DCM tokens Staking

Now you can stake Decentria NFTs directly from xPortal App!  

Open xPortal (Maiar) App and go to Explore dApps->NFTs->ArtCPAclub->NFT Staking.

Wait for the projects list to load and you can find us at the bottom. Stake them for 3.33 $DCM/day.

You can also Stake the NFTs directly on their app here: with different login options.

We are doing a Public ICO with just 1.900.000 $DCM tokens at the beginning of July 2023.

The price will be 0,075$ per 1 $DCM token.

The $DCM tokens will be stackable in the $DCM Staking Pool at a good APY.

More details soon on our social platforms.

The $DCM Staking Pool will be opened soon!