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Recent economical and social crises showed us that neither socialist nor capitalist systems are being prepared for the speed of technological innovations and information revolution.

The concentration of money and power is growing faster than ever and combined with tech innovation it could bring us to an unpleasant future.

Societies, even in developed countries, are becoming confused, divided, unsecured, and even scared. And they are right to be.

But we can also use all the innovations to our advantage and we can and should reverse this trend. It’s time for a better system.

Using the latest tech innovations on top of already tested models like Steward Ownership and Purpose B-Corps we believe that the trend can be shifted. With a new way of organizing businesses, incentives, and a real free market we aim to change how people see work, business, and even life goals.

DAOs, e-Governance, and e-Identity are trendy, but with no doubt, this is the way to organize future societies and economies.

We will create necessary standard entities like Foundations, Associations, and Companies but we’ll explore and grow the new wave of e-Organizations to help us scale and decentralize the system constantly.

MultiversX/Elrond is the Network we’ve chosen to build on since our vision and purpose are well aligned.

At the core of Decentria and decentralism are D-Corps, decentralized corporations, and businesses operating in a steward ownership model, with a few extra layers on top: purpose, blockchain, incentivized quality consumerism, and much more.

With the power of the D-Corps Launchpad Program, an innovative scaling mechanism, we aim to change the economy and society as we know it today.

Read more on D-Corps and DC-Launchpad.

DFC NFTs collection is the founding stone of Decentria. The owners of these NFTs will have many benefits, from $DCM (Decentria's Token and money) initial supply airdrop to real-world utility in Decentria’s economy.

But the most valuable attribute is priority access to D-Corps Launchpad  Program (more info about DCL), an innovative system used to mine new $DCM tokens only when new decentralized businesses (D-Corps) are added to Decentria’s network (see more on Tokenomics page).

Decentria's tokenomics is unique and brilliant but simple at the same time. After the initial supply is distributed to the community, the monetary mass expands only when new D-Corps are added to our network. Every new D-Corp means new members, more demand, and faster $DCM burnings.

Deflationary mechanisms are working day and night and, as time goes by, their effects are only in Decentria's favor.

The best part is that decentrians benefit not only from deflation but also from inflation. That's a key difference and improvement from capitalism where 1%ers benefit from monetary policies and the rest take the hits.

See Decentria's full Tokenomics here.

Our plan for this year is to create the legal structure, add a few D-Corps and do the Proof-of-Concept. Also, we'll build the necessary dApps for Launchpad and Staking, Governance structures, and an international decentrian community. With those in place, a lot of calibration will take place in 2023 with linear growth.  But from 2024 we'll start scaling truly exponential while decentralizing the system more and more.

See the full Roadmap here.

Decentria’s core team is based in Timisoara, the biggest city in west Romania. Our team is built around Decentria’s founder, Andrei Simon, also the author of “Decentralism, the Whitepaper of a New Economic and Social System”, a book that is the foundation of this project.

All our members joined the team after hearing about the project, loved the idea, and decided they want to be part of something unique and meaningful.

Our team is growing fast in many directions. Here is the current state of it: Decentria’s Team.

At the core of Decentria's structure will be Decentria Foundation, a non-profit foundation that will be involved in Governance and D-Corps Management.

This entity will hold a veto share in every D-Corp to prevent other parts from acting against Decentria (selling shares, etc).

The second core entity will be our tech company, Decentria Labs (DL).

DL will fund itself from NFT sales to develop and maintain the necessary software, launchpad, NFTs, mining bonds, staking, D-Corps management tools, and other features. For long-term sustainability, DL relays on developer fees on Elrond Network which grants the creator of any dApp 30% of the network fees (70% goes to Validators).

But after the first 20 years DL will start to reallocate yearly 1% from that 30% to the UBI system so that, in 50 years from now, no founder will have any benefits from the system. When we say "decentralism" we really mean it!

Our goal and mission are to create a decentralized economy and to prepare the world for the new era of automatization. We want to build a strong UBI system that will be very useful in Decentria's ecosystem.

Without a fast system update, the social classes will be more unbalanced and we are risking taking the path of division, extremism, violence, and self-destruction. Read the book for a better grasp of Decentralism.